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Yes, everyone. Utah’s Perpetual Housing Fund exists to remove the red tape, down payment, and income barriers that keep a rapidly expanding portion of our state from building equity where they live. Our nonprofit does this by building high-quality multifamily properties and allocating the majority of all proceeds and equity in the building to resident-shareholders.  

There are no fees, multi-year commitments, housing market risks, or "gotchas" for residents. Simply work hard, be a good neighbor, and have a home become the significant source of stability and financial security in your life that it was for prior generations.

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The Problem


Home ownership is key to the American Dream...

Paying off a mortgage and participating in home value increases are the single biggest drivers of wealth for families in Utah and nationally. As home values and rental costs increase, the economic difference between families who were able to purchase a home “at the right time” vs. renting is staggering.  

...but the opportunity to own a home is disappearing.

The rate of homeownership in Utah is in steady decline. In 2021, nearly 70% of the homes sold in Utah were unaffordable to Utahns making the Median Area Income. It got worse in 2022 and is unlikely to ever fully correct back to pre-pandemic pricing.

Our Solution


PHF reimagines existing housing programs to share ownership benefits with residents.

As a lean nonprofit with community-first capital sources, PHF is able to share the majority of all annual cashflow, long-term equity generation, and future refinance/sale proceeds of a project with the residents who live there.  

It does so by establishing a series of nonprofit tenant organizations that each have 75% ownership stakes in their buildings. As residents move in and out over time, they’re attributed their share of that organization’s profits and equity depending on how long they’ve lived in the building. No paperwork, commitments, or red tape are required.  Residents receive the benefit from mortgages being paid down, buildings appreciating, and annual cashflow payments coming in just as if they were personally on title.

The Impact


Projected 15-Year


New affordable
housing units


household groups

$200 MM

Wealth created for low &
moderate income families

A Closer Look


Why is the current housing market falling short?

How can we build dense, affordable housing?

How do low- and moderate-income tax credits fit in?

What will a typical PHF project look like?

How does PHF benefit cities and municipalities?

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